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Happy Holidays, Grovers!

I haven't posted in way too long.  I changed cell phones and lost all of my passwords.  It's taken me way too long to figure out how to reset my password here!  

How many of us are planning on being in the neighborhood during the days between Christmas and New Years?  Would anyone want to meet somewhere?  We tried Big Ed's a few years ago.  That was a bad idea.  As usual, they were very busy.  We had to yell to be heard around our little table.  Imagine 10 of us crammed around…


Created by Andy Lyle Dec 11, 2013 at 9:51pm. Last updated by Andy Lyle Dec 11, 2013.

Homecoming 2013

We have a fun Homecoming last night.  There were 6 new Grovers there:  John Calvert and his wife came.  He recently joined our web site.  Jerry Shepherd was there, as was Andrew Clark.  Dave Odell came to the homecoming with Andrew Clark,  While Dave attended one of the other elementary schools, we were glad he came.  Greg Miller heard about us and came.  He was in the last class to attend Elm Grove.  The school was closed at the end of his last year there.  Paul Parson and his wife also…


Created by Andy Lyle Jun 23, 2013 at 6:52pm. Last updated by Andy Lyle Jun 23, 2013.

It's time for our Elm Grove Homecoming! Are you coming?

It’s time for another Elm Grove School Homecoming.

Elm Grove School was the first Elementary School to open in 1943 in what would be the city of Oak Ridge.  After many years and many children’s feet running up the steps and through the front doors, Elm Grove School was closed in 1985 and eventually torn down.  In its place, the city of Oak Ridge built a beautiful park.  Check out the pictures of our several past Homecomings.

Former teachers and students of Elm Grove Elementary…


Created by Andy Lyle Jun 19, 2013 at 7:54am. Last updated by Andy Lyle Jun 19, 2013.

"A Nuclear Family: the Y-12 National Security Complex" on PBS

Hi, all. 

There is a TV series about Y-12 and Oak Ridge showing this winter on PBS.  I missed it last week, but while seaching for it, found this web site.  We can watch the show on this site:  http://www.y12.doe.gov/about/history/video.php


Created by Andy Lyle Feb 1, 2012 at 10:05pm. Last updated by Andy Lyle Feb 1, 2012.

Visit with Helen Picklesimer

Barbara Kemper and I went to Brevard, NC this weekend to visit with Helen Pickelsimer.  As usual, we had a terrific time. 


Miss P has agreed to let me post the recording I made of our talk last summer at Martha Fowler's home with her.  In order to post here, I believe that I have to add some pictures to it.  So, as soon as I get some pictures from last year added in I'll post the recording and the pictures.  


We had a super visit as always.


Created by Andy Lyle Dec 12, 2011 at 1:11am. Last updated by Andy Lyle Dec 12, 2011.

Our recent email issues has been resolved. (I hope!)

For those of us with Comcast.net email addresses, I have good news.  Comcast had put ning.com on their spam list.  They were blocking our ning.com emails.  This may be happening with other carriers, too.  If you have not been receiving email notifications, (again!)  I suggest that you contact your carrier and ask them to check to see if Ning.com is being blocked.


Here is the email that I will be forwarding to Ning tech support. You might want to refer to if with your own…


Created by Andy Lyle Nov 23, 2011 at 10:34pm. Last updated by Andy Lyle Nov 23, 2011.

New Test Member: Elm Grover

I believe that the email notification function is broken again.  There was a notice recently saying that members with comcast addresses were not receiving emails.  That may be the issue.  So, to test, I've opened up a new member, Elm Grover.  Cute name, huh? I'll be able to track notifications better with that member. 


Created by Andy Lyle Nov 20, 2011 at 10:58am. Last updated by Andy Lyle Nov 20, 2011.

Holiday trip to visit with Helen Pickelsimer

When we went to visit with Helen Pickelsimer in October, Martha, Barbara, Susan and I decided that we wanted to go back to see her before the end of the year and before winter.

The weekend of December 10 or 11 looks to be the best for Barbara, Susan and me. I hope some of the rest of you can join us. We talked about meeting somewhere in Asheville this time, instead of Hendersonville. Suggestions of where would be great.

These trips to visit with Miss Pickelsimer mean so…


Created by Andy Lyle Nov 14, 2011 at 5:44pm. Last updated by Andy Lyle Nov 14, 2011.

Updates from and on assorted Grovers

**  Susan Cooper Gammon, Barbara Kemper, Martha de la Garza Fowler and I went on our trip to visit with Miss Pickelsimer this past weekend. We had a terrific time. The drive was perfect with lots of color and beautiful sunny days. Miss P was her usual self. We also got to see her cousin, Jean, for a bit. I was able to get Miss P's ok to publish the audio recording I made last summer at…


Created by Andy Lyle Oct 18, 2011 at 4:15pm. Last updated by Andy Lyle Oct 18, 2011.

ORHS class of 70 turns 60 Birthday Party

Hi, folks

Those of us Grovers who were in the 6th grade in 1964 will be celebrating a big birthday next year.  Yes, the big 60.  Our high school graduating class decided to skip the 40th class reunion this year to have a birghday party next year instea


I need some help in finding some of our class who attended Elm Grove.  Some may be your sisters or brothers.  Others, you may have been in touch with.,  Can you please send me some contact info on them.  I promise to…


Created by Andy Lyle Oct 12, 2011 at 12:01am. Last updated by Andy Lyle Oct 12, 2011.


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John Estep replied to Lin Kemper Webb's discussion Kaukonen
"Bill Pretty good stuff there. It seems to be common that as musicians age, they gravitate toward acoustic music. Growing up in Tennessee, I didn't listen to Bluegrass on purpose (only when Calvin was watching Grand Ole Opry), but I find that I…"
Mar 20, 2009
Barbara Kemper left a comment for Deborah Vaughn
"Hi Debbie...great to see you here! Tell us all what you are up to these days!"
Mar 18, 2009
John Estep left a comment for Deborah Vaughn
"Debbie, If you see Billy Stephens at the plant again, tell him about this Elm Grove thing. John"
Mar 17, 2009
John Estep left a comment for Deborah Vaughn
"Deborah Vaughn - aka - Debbie Simmons. I will be the first to welcome you to the oldest Alumni group you can be in - elementary school. Check out the discussions on Miss Reagor and the Russian one too! John"
Mar 17, 2009
Deborah Vaughn is now a member of Elm Grove Alumni
Mar 17, 2009
Lin Kemper Webb left a comment for Mark Weissberg
"Mark, I wrote you a note, and then it disappeared. Damn. I hate it when that happens. So in case that note posted, this explains why I've duplicated the message. Jake loved the flipbook kit we sent him. It kept him happily occupied on their…"
Mar 14, 2009
Lin Kemper Webb posted a discussion


Here's an NPR interview with Jorma Kaukonen from this morning, beginning with "White Rabbit," and ending with "Embryonic Journey," with interesting talk in between.http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=101833728See More
Mar 14, 2009
Bill Allen left a comment for Mark Weissberg
"Mark, you got the influences pretty well. Flip and I both liked the Cars. The lead singer and leader of Boys with Toys was a huge Talking Heads fan. On the other hand, I was more into Jefferson Airplane, Yes, Ten Years After at the time. Since then…"
Mar 7, 2009
Bill Allen left a comment for John Estep
"Thanks for the kind words about the bands. If there was any Jefferson Airplane influence, it would mostly have come from me since the rest of the band wasn't really into them - even though we actually did a knockout version of White Rabbit -…"
Mar 7, 2009
Jack B. Stogsdill left a comment for John Estep
"Hey John, Yes it's true always started the rock fights. I don't know what it was i just loved to throw rocks. I think the rock you through up the side of my head quelled a lot of my desire to throw rocks any longer. I love spicy food,…"
Mar 6, 2009
Barbara Kemper replied to Martha Maria's discussion SO AFRAID OF THE RUSSIANS
"Last year I went by that bell to see it for the first time. I heard a lot about it & thought it was a lovely idea. I was able to bong it. It lasted a long time I went inside the bell for a while...that was different. It rang softly & very…"
Mar 5, 2009
Barbara Kemper replied to Martha Maria's discussion SO AFRAID OF THE RUSSIANS
"Ken Asher said:Thank you Martha, I didn't know about the Oak Ridge Peace Bell. You can hear it: www.ece.utk.edu/~adams/BELLS.HTML And read a bit of the twisted history: "The consensus reached by the Bell Policy Committee..." "the…"
Mar 5, 2009
John Estep left a comment for Jack B. Stogsdill
"Jack You and I probably had the most exciting times together in the summers and school breaks. Yes, I remember the yellow jacket episode. I think Danny was home sick for days. He was more frail than us. Plus, there was another yellow jacket episode…"
Mar 5, 2009
Jack B. Stogsdill left a comment for John Estep
"hi John, You & I did so many things together like bust the car windows at that junk yard next to the railroad tracks! The owner tells us to wait, while he calls the cops! Guess what? we didn't wait! I don't remember doing the…"
Mar 4, 2009
Lin Kemper Webb left a comment for Bill Allen
"Bill Allen! How are you doing? Where are you these days? What a surprise. --Lin Kemper Webb There are some photos of my son's wedding in the pictures that Barbara posted. (He's the tall good-looking one.) I think there's one of the 3…"
Mar 4, 2009
Mark Weissberg left a comment for Martha Maria
"Hey Martha, Just a note regarding Bob Lefler, whom you obviously appreciated the same way I did. I've always said (even recently to someone) that he, more than anyone or any course or anything, taught me how to write, and for this I have always…"
Mar 4, 2009


2015 website and Homecoming planning

Started by Andy Lyle in Sample Title. Last reply by Mike Childress Feb 18. 1 Reply

Follow up on our Elm Grove Homecoming yesterday

Started by Andy Lyle in Sample Title. Last reply by Mike Childress Jun 16, 2014. 1 Reply

The 5th Elm Grove Alumni Homecoming

Started by Andy Lyle in Sample Title. Last reply by Andy Lyle Jun 3, 2014. 5 Replies


Blog Posts

It's time for the 6th Elm Grove Homecoming!

Posted by Andy Lyle on May 31, 2015 at 7:30am 0 Comments

I posted this on our facebook page as an event and sent it to everyone I have in my contact list.  If you didin't get that message, we haven't "friended" on Facebook. 

Former students, teachers and employees at Elm Grove Elementary School in Oak Ridge, TN are invited to attend our 6th annual Homcoming at Elm Grove Park, the grounds of our school. Chances are, you'll see someone you knew when you attended school here. There are no events planned. We will just take this time to…


Bruce McGlasson

Posted by Becky Kendall on March 1, 2014 at 11:36am 1 Comment

I don't know who has heard, but Bruce McGlasson passed on about 2 wks ago.  He lived a pretty long life after that terrible wreck he had when he was 19 or 20.  Bruce married, traveled frequently and painted beautifully.  He'll be missed by all the Delaware Ave. gang as well as his adulthood friends and family.

Homecoming 2013

Posted by Becky Kendall on June 24, 2013 at 10:28am 0 Comments

I had a great time too on Saturday night.  It was so good to see new faces and wonderful to see some old-timers.  However, I did miss some previous attendees and wonder how they are getting along.  So, to all Elm Grovers, "Please come to get-togethers when you can"..."And, if you can't attend, visit through this website or on Facebook." We miss you.

These Elm Grovers will be at the ORHS Class of 70 reunion 8/31 - 9/2. Will you be joining us?

Posted by Andy Lyle on August 24, 2012 at 11:51pm 1 Comment


Elm Grove Mugs t-shirts and now a new License Plate

Posted by Andy Lyle on July 30, 2012 at 12:51am 0 Comments

Folks, I have been in touch with David Miller again.  He has made us a terrific new Elm Grove License Plate.  I have the first one.  It's already on my car. 

He is also continuing to offer the Elm Grove Mug and and T-shirt and is making…




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